After a long wait, opened a domestic rival netfix to use this move in our country.
Our country has recently ended years of waiting and wondering when it is opened for use even for users who use the likes of Netflix there was an opportunity in different ways. Although it is quite handy and a nice system to be more because of the price difference in the growth of Netflix in Turkey stands as a serious obstacle.

Such as Spotify rather than according to the difference in pricing pricing policy that eliminates dry Euro exchange engaged the Dogan group find opportunity from this error Netflix, “Netflix Native can be called” blutv led to the use.

It’s a working mentality, and even the interface that looks like it quite netfix the cloud, outside of the popular local series, breaking bad, How to get away with murder, Agents of shield, and it is with shows like House of cards and quite large film archive. Outside of that, Football, volleyball, handball and many other sports such as MotoGP and a rerun of a WWE match where you can watch documentaries and adult content there is in the system. (You know that d-smart Blu made like Netflix) Download




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