You need Tampermonkey, a chrome plugin, to wait seconds without ads. Do not wait for 5 seconds for ad fly ads.

When you visit many URL redirect websites like, Passing Seconds Ads, you’ve all come to the point of being out of touch because of the 5 second ads. You can easily remove 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-second ads that the Link abbreviation service has forced you to see ads that are not available to you with the help of the Chrome plugin. You will no longer wait seconds on link abbreviation sites.

First of all, we click on Tampermonkey Setup below and press the Install button in the web site. We plug in the chrome browser.



Then we go to our AdsBypasser plugin website, click on the Install Full Edition button, and integrate the JavaScript file in GitHub into the Tampermonkey plugin.



You will not wait for the following web sites with the TamperMonkey and AdsBypasser plugin.

1- TamperMonkey install

2- AdsBypasser install or install

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